Click on the Bid Button in the box that contains the item you want to bid on. 2. Fill out the amount of your bid in the email pop-up. 3. Your bid will be acknowledged. 4. Upon closing of the Online Silent Auction on the night of the event, the highest bidder will be notified. You may bid more than once, if your bid is bettered by another person. Check back often!!
What is FilterPure Silent Auction 2013?
The silent auction is part of our 'Evening with FilterPure' Benefit Dinner, to be held on October 12, 2021 at the L'Eiffel Bistrot at 100 W. Higgins Road, So. Barrington, IL. The cost is $100 per person with proceeds going to help those who need reliable, clean water in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. See for sign up information.
Why are the pictures so tiny?
Those are icons. Just click on them to see a larger photograph.
When will the auction be closed?
The night of the Benefit Dinner, October 12, 2013. Although be may have special items close early, but you will see those clearly marked on the Auction Site.Items not sold before the Benefit, will be available at the Benefit Function and the ability to pay by credit card or check will be present.
How do I pay if I am the successful bidder?
We will take a check, Paypal or Chase "Quick Pay". A check and Quick Pay do not cost us money, Paypal does. The email sent to you after each bid you make will have payment instructions, should you be successful.
OK, I won, where do I sent the check?
Make our your check, include the Item number you won, and mail it to: FilterPure, Inc., 6075 Harrison, Merrillville, IL 46410. Your item will be mailed to you upon receipt of payment.
How do I send you money with the 'FREE' Chase QuickPay?
If your are not signed up for FREE Chase QuickPay, Click Here to find out how to send us money. Our QuickPay email address is:>. Your item will be mailed to you upon receipt of payment.
How do I pay by PayPal?
Use the Paypal payment window located at the top right side of this page, that says "Donate".