The technology of the water filter is simple, effective, and, sustainable. A round-bottom ceramic pot is made from a mixture of clay, a combustible material (sawdust or rice husks), and colloidal silver. The colloidal silver is a naturally occurring anti-bacterial which improves the bacteria removal rate for the filter. First, the clay and combustible are mixed with a measured amount of silver and water until a homogeneous mixture is formed.

The mixture is made into a filter and kiln fired, burning out the combustible material and leaving micro pores coated with the silver to clean the water. During the firing process, about ˝ inch of charcoal is produced within the filter to improve taste and color. The filter, which is designed with a rim, is placed on a five gallon plastic storage bucket with a spigot at the bottom for dispensing.

A lid is placed on the filter to prevent contamination. When used, water is poured through the ceramic pot and filtered into the receptacle bucket. Safe drinking water is easily poured from the spigot by all members of the household.
The flow rate of the filter ranges from 20 to 30 liters per day depending upon how often the filter is refilled. Filters are cleaned by lightly scrubbing the surface when flow rate is reduced, and it is recommended that the filter is boiled every three months to insure optimum effectiveness. The effective useful life of the filter is at least 5 years.

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Because our filter design and the manufacturing process are proprietary (and patent protected), we are unable to answer technical questions on these topics. However, we do try to help with general advice and educational materials on a limited basis when possible. Some further assistance and consultation may be available on a daily fee basis.

  1. For general information, contact:
2. To purchase FilterPure filters, contact a local certified FilterPure factory or distributor:

Process for becoming a FilterPure certified factory:

  1. Contact FilterPure for an interview
2. Complete the registration application process.
3. After completing this registration process, selected potential partners complete necessary Partner
      and Non-Disclosure agreements
4. Have designated staff attend FilterPure training at a FP facility (4 weeks)
5. Establish a production factory or complete the certification of your existing factory

All costs incurred by the applicant during this certification process will be wholly absorbed by the applicant. No part of this documentation may be reproduced or published without permission from FilterPure.

What support does FilterPure provide?
FilterPure understands that setting up a filter program in a developing country is a significant commitment. We can provide you with insight and support while you are making this important decision and after.

FilterPure offers programs to you that include:

  • Access to quality FilterPure consultants and technicians by phone and email
• Access to on site consultation for a fee plus expenses
• Filter factory set-up training and support
• Equipment fabrication support with on-site consultation
• Instructions and consultation for producing quality FilterPure ceramic water filters
• Certification of the factory set up, processes, and filters prior to production release
• Education and marketing programs and materials
• A web page hosted on the FilterPure website
• Research and development for the development of quality filters for the area of your factory
• A quarterly newsletter

The FilterPure® filter is fabricated to have an actual pore size of 1.3 microns and has been measured to have an effective pore size of .9 to 1.1 microns. This filters out turbidity, bacteria and protozoa. The added colloidal silver renders any remaining bacteria ineffective as it passes through the ceramic membrane. One half inch of activated charcoal is fired into the filter core and improves odor, taste, and color. All in all, the FilterPure filter removes up to 99.99% of pathogenic bacteria and oocytes while it retains healthy, naturally-occurring minerals.

Test Sample

of E. Coli
Presence of
Presence of
River Buyacanes >2420 1120 Positive Negative Positive D
Filter Initial Test <1.1 <1.1 Negative Negative Negative A
Filter after
24 months
<1.1 <1.1 Negative Negative Negative A

 A - Water fit for human consumption. D - contaminated, not fit for human consumption.
Translated and compiled by Lisa Ballantine, Director of AquaPure Dominican Republic

Other organizations produce or support the production of ceramic water filters for third world application.
But, FilterPure is different:

The FilterPure filter was designed to be produced and used in a third-world environment, using commercial grade technology to produce high quality, reliable yet low-cost filters.

Filter quality is maintained through on-going testing.

FilterPure also conducts strong training programs for filter maintenance and community hygiene.

FilterPure partners with local NGOs and organizations to deliver more filters to more people.

Other producers make water filters which are different .. in look, design and operation. Some have a different shape and use different materials. ALL use a different production process. While most will work well for a while, they normally have a much shorter useful life than the FilterPure filter.

In addition, the ongoing maintenance of these filters is typically much more difficult. We have found that, if a filter isn’t maintained properly, it won’t work. If the filter isn’t working, the users won’t be protected (and may not realize it!)

The FilterPure filter was designed to be produced and maintained in a third world environment. Both the production process and ongoing maintenance procedures are designed to be “fool-proof”. Simplicity in design and maintenance, as well as providing a long useful life, were primary goals.




Following is a list of studies related to water filtration and FilterPure® Filters.


Final UN Cholera Report

Kazerooni FilterPure Report

FilterPure Employs New Standards for Fabricating and Distributing CWF

Efficacy of Silver-Treated Ceramic Filters for Household Water Treatment

Maji Salama: Implementing Ceramic Water Filtration Technology in Arusha, Tanzania

Investigation of Ceramic Pot Filter Design Variables

PLEASE NOTE: Our filters are NOT FOR SALE in the United States.
They are locally produced by potters in the Dominican Republic and Tanzania for use in those countries.
Thank you for your continued interest in Filter Pure.








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